5pc. floating glitter make-up brush set! These are a must have for any make up artist or individual. Be the first in your circle with brushes customized with the glitter of your choice!

These are plastic-handled, Vegan-friendly brushes.

They are constructed from PET material with sturdy synthetic bristles.


The brushes include 1 of each of the following :

  1. Blush/Powder Brush 

  2. Blender Brush

  3. Concealer Brush 

  4. Angled Brush 

  5. Smudge Brush 



These are perfect for holidays, birthday gifts, wedding favors, party favors, little girl and teenage girl beauty parties, or just keep the for yourself and add a little sparkle to your day, everyday! After all, everyone can use a little sparkle in their life:)


Glitter Choices are from our FAMOUS collection and include:

  • MG454 Aaron Neville is a soft spring green with flashes of bright pink and flecks of a yellow rainbow.
  • MG455 Drew Brees is a green gunmetal holo/opal with flashes of silver and green with flecks of the rainbow. 
  • MG452 Ellen DeGeneres is a golden yellow holo/opal with flashes of light and dark yellow with flecks of a green rainbow. 
  • MG447 Harry Connick Jr. is a turquoise holo/opal with flashes of silver and pink with flecks of the rainbow.
  • MG457 Kevin Gates is a darkened golden green with flashes of gold and light green with flecks of the rainbow. 
  • MG456 Lenny Kravits is a warm hot pink holo/opal with flashes of silver and green with flecks of the rainbow. 
  • MG451 Lil' Weezy is a bronzed champagne holo/opal with golden flashes and  flecks of the rainbow. 
  • MG450 Louis Armstrong is a silver holo/opal with rainbow flashes and opal flecks.
  • MG453 Reese Witherspoon is a gentle pink holo/opal with flecks of blue, green, and silver with flashes of the rainbow. 
  • MG449 Sandra Bullock is a light lavender holo/opal with silver flashes and flecks of the rainbow
  • MG448 Tyler Perry is a hunter green holo/opal with flashes of yellow and Christmas green with flecks of the rainbow. 








5 piece floating Glitter make-up brush set

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  • Due to sanitary reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges with the make-up brushes. If you have a flaw with the manufacturing please contact us at moosemyshirt@gmail.com and we will help you get the issue resolved as quickly as possible!

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