7 pc. floating glitter make-up brush set with bag! These are a must have for any make up artist or individual. Be the first in your circle with brushes customized with the glitter of your choice!

These are plastic-handled, Vegan-friendly brushes.

They are constructed from PET material with sturdy synthetic bristles.


The brushes include 1 of each of the following :

  2. Shaving Brush
  4. Eyebrow Liner
  5. Eyeliner,
  6. Foundation
  7. Eye Shadow


They come in these shapes: Angular Blush, Fan Brush, Smudge Brush, Flat Brush.


AND comes with a FREE 8" X 6" X 1" glittered, re-sealable bag. 


These are perfect for holidays, birthday gifts, wedding favors, party favors, little girl and teenage girl beauty parties, or just keep the for yourself and add a little sparkle to your day, everyday! After all, everyone can use a little sparkle in their life:)


Glitter Choices are from our FAMOUS collection and include:

  • MG454 Aaron Neville is a soft spring green with flashes of bright pink and flecks of a yellow rainbow.
  • MG455 Drew Brees is a green gunmetal holo/opal with flashes of silver and green with flecks of the rainbow. 
  • MG452 Ellen DeGeneres is a golden yellow holo/opal with flashes of light and dark yellow with flecks of a green rainbow. 
  • MG447 Harry Connick Jr. is a turquoise holo/opal with flashes of silver and pink with flecks of the rainbow.
  • MG457 Kevin Gates is a darkened golden green with flashes of gold and light green with flecks of the rainbow. 
  • MG456 Lenny Kravits is a warm hot pink holo/opal with flashes of silver and green with flecks of the rainbow. 
  • MG451 Lil' Weezy is a bronzed champagne holo/opal with golden flashes and  flecks of the rainbow. 
  • MG450 Louis Armstrong is a silver holo/opal with rainbow flashes and opal flecks.
  • MG453 Reese Witherspoon is a gentle pink holo/opal with flecks of blue, green, and silver with flashes of the rainbow. 
  • MG449 Sandra Bullock is a light lavender holo/opal with silver flashes and flecks of the rainbow
  • MG448 Tyler Perry is a hunter green holo/opal with flashes of yellow and Christmas green with flecks of the rainbow. 








7 piece floating Glitter make-up brush set

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  • Due to sanitary reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges with the make-up brushes. If you have a flaw with the manufacturing please contact us at moosemyshirt@gmail.com and we will help you get the issue resolved as quickly as possible!

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