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Time to have some fun decorating these triple-layered face covers. With a black edge, your design is sure to stand out. The 3 ply nature of this face cover gives great protection with a cotton layer in the middle. This can be decorated on both sides to be reversible.

Material: 100% white polyester material for customized printing, with black edge.

Features: 3 layers total, between the 2 polyester layers there is a third layer of cotton fabric.
1 layer – 170 GSM 100% cotton (middle layer)
2 layers – 200 GSM 100% polyester layer for printing and back layer(front and back layers)
Color: White Polyester for printing with a black edge

Size: 7 ¾ inches x 5 ½ inches (± ¼ to ½ inch tolerance)

NOTE - There is no filter pocket on these and they DO NOT come with any filters either.

These fabric face covers are not medical grade but still encouraged by the CDC.

Adult/Large 3 Layer Face Covering - reversible!

  •  Unfortunately due to its nature, face coverings are a non-returnable item even if purchasaed blank.

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