Each tumbler created with beautiful sparkle and glitter throughout the entire design and hand made to order with high quality loose glitter and finished with FDA compliant epoxy with a smooth, glass like finish that is UV resistant, so it doesn't yellow quickly. These tumblers are handcrafted and that takes a bit of time. Although many times we can still complete your order in our regular production time of 5-7 business days, please allow up to 15 business days for completion of your order. They take up to 5 days to make, plus a 3 day curing period, and are in high demand!! 


**Care instructions**
Hand wash only
No abrasive cleaning on the epoxy/outside
Tumblers are heat sensitive. Do not expose to flames, freezers, or microwaves.
Epoxy can crack, break or chip if dropped and I can not be responsible for mishandling.
*Please note these aren't really "special" care instructions, these care requirements are true of any steel tumbler, regardless of glitter and finish.

Holographic & color shift Glitter Pets Leave pawprints on our heart Tumbler

Tumbler Size

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